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How Much Do Casino Dealers Make

How Much Do Casino Dealers Make – Las Vegas is known for many things, including being the entertainment capital of the world, but one of its biggest features is its lavish, opulent and glamorous casinos. Las Vegas casinos are huge and decorated with all the most luxurious furniture.

Amongst all the customers dressed to the nines, you will find casino employees, including casino dealers. Casino dealers run the table games and ensure that the game is played fairly and that it is always moving.

How Much Do Casino Dealers Make

How Much Do Casino Dealers Make

They go through many thousands of dollars worth of chips every day, but have you ever thought how much you can earn trading in a casino? Let’s take a look at what casino dealers make and their average salaries.

The Average Salary Of A Card Dealer

The overall job responsibility of a casino dealer is to handle the games assigned to you, maintain fair play and collect winnings. However, depending on the game you play, the more detailed responsibilities may vary.

For example, poker dealers are responsible for making sure that the correct players bid their blinds, that the cards are dealt in the correct order, and that they collect commissions for games when necessary.

The liability of other casino games such as craps or roulette is different because there are no cards involved. Because of the difficulty, many casino dealers start with blackjack or roulette and work their way up to craps.

Regardless of the table you are in charge of, you must maintain your own gambling license just like those who serve food and you must follow their food safety training card.

An Interview With A Casino Employee

Today’s question is how much does the average casino dealer in Las Vegas earn. While each facility may have a different base pay scale, due to the competitive nature of the industry, they all tend to be pretty similar among all the top names. So what numbers do we see?

The average salary for a casino dealer tends to be around $40,000, according to ZipRecruiter and Glassdoor, but there are some variables. First, your experience can make a big difference.

Top sellers can go up to $60,000-$100,000. These dealers are often in high limit rooms or poker dealers for big poker tournaments.

How Much Do Casino Dealers Make

Those without much experience can also earn up to $20,000. It really depends on your individual circumstances.

How Much Do Blackjack Dealers Make

Of course, you can also earn more if you are a casino shift manager or work your way up to a management position.

In addition to salary, depending on the company, casino dealers may be entitled to paid holidays, bonuses, health insurance, life insurance and other company benefits. These fringe benefits are additional contributions that add up to help increase your salary.

Like many other positions in the service industry, part of a casino dealer’s salary comes from tips. This adds to the variable payouts for casino dealers.

In any reserved position, you can end up taking home more than the salesperson next to you, just by interacting with some high-ranking people or getting more tips because you’re human.

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Of course, it can also work the other way around, where some days you might get fewer tips depending on the environment. However, most salespeople report making about $15 an hour in tips

Tips can also skew data because although all tips should be reported; some cash tips may not be reported. In other words, it’s hard to get a good estimate of how much your take-home pay will be on top of your base salary without talking to someone in a similar position with similar experience at one of the comparable companies.

Of course, just like any other job, there are pros and cons to being a casino dealer. As with most customer service jobs, the hours can be long and not the average 9-5.

How Much Do Casino Dealers Make

Most Las Vegas casinos are open 24/7, which means many dealers have to work overnight. Working hours can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on your situation outside of work.

A Primer On How To Tip A Blackjack Dealer

For example, you may like to work night shifts so you can be with your toddler during the day, or you may not like working nights because your partner works during the day. It can go anywhere.

Of course, being a casino dealer can be your dream job because you enjoy spending time in a poker or sports betting room and being in a comfortable environment. There are some things that can be advantages and disadvantages.

Whether you think it will be fun and love all the action, or you just want a job that pays more than minimum wage, casino dealer salaries may be a good reason to learn more about the position.

Casino dealers can make a lot of real money, sometimes more than you expect. Try trading poker, blackjack and other table games in Las Vegas and see how much you can earn! Las Vegas dealers make between $10,000 and $60,000 a year in base pay, but the total take home pay is often higher because it includes tips.

How To Become A Poker Dealer

Are you thinking about changing careers and becoming a casino dealer in Las Vegas? Then this guide is for you. We publish the exact total earnings of casino dealers, including base salary, tips and benefits.

We should start by saying that being a casino dealer might seem like a dream job, but it’s actually quite taxing. As a casino dealer, you have to always focus on the game and make sure no one cheats and every player gets paid what they deserve.

The average salary for a casino dealer is not that high and is in line with what waiters and bartenders earn. Total take-home pay depends more on tips than actual hourly pay, which ranges between $8 and $15.

How Much Do Casino Dealers Make

Assuming a casino dealer works a full 40-hour week, which is rare, a casino dealer will earn between $16,000 and $20,000 in base salary per year. Of course, that’s not much. Fortunately, it’s more money in the form of tips.

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Depending on the casino you work at and the in-game bets you host, you can expect to earn between $15 and $50 per hour on average in tips. While tipping $50 an hour may seem high, it is possible if you work in a high-end casino or deal with high rollers. One thing to note is that even the biggest riders are sometimes known cheapskates and don’t tip big at all.

If we look at salary comparison sites like Glassdoor and Indeed, we see that the average salary for salespeople varies widely. Their website states that the average poker dealer makes $20,000 a year, while the average casino dealer makes $40,000 a year, which doesn’t seem right.

This salary is relatively low compared to the $53,000 a year that floor supervisors earn, as well as the average salary of $35,000 for shift traders. According to their data, Caesars Palace pays the best with a base salary of $42,000.

If you are a people person, you may want to become a casino dealer because you will be interacting with people from all walks of life. However, this can also be the job’s biggest downside. Players tend to be emotional, especially when they lose a lot of money.

How Much Do Blackjack Dealers Make In Tips

Another disadvantage of working as a casino dealer is that you will spend most of your time standing, unless you are a poker dealer. You should also remember that while you may enjoy blackjack or baccarat, it can become a bit overwhelming after dealing more than 30 hours a week.

On the other hand, you don’t need an education to become a casino dealer. Training to become one usually only takes a few weeks, and the qualification will cost less than $1,000.

You can also combine casino trading with other jobs. Casinos are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can only choose a few hours in the evening or at night as a second job. Another benefit of being a casino dealer is that most casinos are owned by large gambling companies that can provide a benefits package that includes health insurance and retirement benefits.

How Much Do Casino Dealers Make

In addition to these benefits, you will also get more breaks as a casino dealer than most other jobs. For every 90 minutes you work, you can expect to be able to rest for 30 minutes. So if you work eight hours, you get paid two hours just to rest.

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It’s also worth noting that in most cases you get a free lunch or dinner at one of the casino’s restaurants while you work. Some casinos also offer college assistance programs to help pay for your degree. If you don’t live near the casino where you will be trading, you can also rely on help getting around.

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