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News:: Ajmal Law College Entrance Test (ALCET)-2024


With the advent of Globalisation, the foundation of the Legal spectrum of society has faced a paradigm shift. Law is no longer identified only as a tool to control human conduct and maintain equilibrium in the society. It has shed its traditional outlook and emerged as a tool for safeguarding every aspect of life as we know it – economic, social, political, environmental etc. In this context, Ajmal Law College aims at disseminating Legal knowledge not only in its traditional medium – through texts but also through practical learning discourses. This is done with the motive of equipping the students with technical skills and knowledge to decipher varied legal issues. In its earnest endeavour the institution aspires to inculcate the values of “Equity, Justice and Good Conscience” in the students to mould them into torch-bearers of a dynamic and democratic society.

Our Mission

  1. To encourage ethical legal practices in upcoming legal professionals to serve society better.
  2. To nurture inquisitive minds for academic and intellectual development.
  3. To contribute towards knowledge generation and its dissemination.
  4. To provide socially relevant learning experiences to its students.